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Year 12 homework

Term 1

Linear Equations

Week of 6 February

Our first topic is Co-ordinate Geometry, but you need to be comfortable with solving linear equations before we start that.

Practice 1        Practice 2        Practice 3        pdf files

Practice 4        Practice 5        Practice 6       

These exercises are essential practice. The first three are relatively simple, the second three much more at the level you need to be working at. Do at least 30 questions from them, at your highest level.

Week of 20 February

A = (-2, -3) B = (2, 9) C = (0, 3) D = (24, -5)

Find the features of the line segments AB and CD.

Take any triangle XYZ. Let the midpoint of XZ = M and the midpoint of YZ = N.
Show that line MN is parallel to line XY.

There will be a short test early next week to ensure everyone can do the basic skills.

Week of 13 March

We move on to Algebra.

Start doing the practice exercises on the Externals page for this unit. Keeping up is vital. If you miss material, watch the relevant video.

Do lots of linear solving practice. You need to be quick and accurate.

Practice 1        Practice 2        Practice 3        pdf files

Practice 4        Practice 5        Practice 6       

Week of 20 March

Do the exercise sheets below

Fractions 1        Fractions 2        Fractions 3       pdf files

For those on OED, we will do more complicated factorising quadratics and expanding during the week. It is important that you catch up once you come back - do page 235 in your book after watching this video.

You could also usefully watch and do exercises on:

Expanding three brackets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3IipccIx8g

Simplifying algebraic fractions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3IipccIx8g

Adding algebraic fractions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3IipccIx8g

Week of 27 March

Make sure you can do all the new skills on powers and roots. Watch the "Power Laws" video if you need to revise first.

Practice 1        Practice 2        Practice 3        pdf files