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Internet Resources

NZQA banner
Yes, we all know NZQA's site, but finding the useful things inside it can be a problem.

Clarifications on the standards, explaining what must be seen for each grade level.

Exemplars for most standards, for help with marking grade boundaries.

NCEA requirements, for endorsements, UE etc.

tki banner
NCEA Maths and Stats resources on TKI.

Mathscentre banner
NCEA specific unit booklets, many of them very good. Videos on various topics. Geogebra resources.

mathtutor banner
Aimed at NZ teachers of Maths and Stats. Vital to keep up to date with this.

Census at School banner
Census at School also has a section with resources aimed at all the Statistics Standards.

Statistics Learning Centre banner
A series of videos that covers most of the topics for seniors, aimed at the NZ curriculum.

mathtutor banner
A compehensive collection of videos, notes and exercises, but very much on the dry side.

onlinemathlearning.com banner
Mostly for the videos, including some on unusual topics, such as linear programming.

Kuta banner
Free worksheets, good for extension stuff for juniors in particular.

Fortify schol calc books
Scholarship calculus books for students, and matching teacher sets. Starts at Year 12.

Free Calculus Tutorials banner
Year 13 only. Covers the theoretical and practical underpinnings of calculus, with suitable extension work.