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Year 12 Videos


Mostly videos made by me, but with some others.

The main purpose is to allow students to catch up material they have missed – which is why there are often notes included in them for students to take down – or revise before an assessment.

I have indicated where the level is above what an Achieved level student should be prepared to do.

This page does not have the videos embedded, to save on download time and make the page easier to navigate. Instead the links open a new page in YouTube (or similar).

Simultaneous Equations

Basic Process

Simple Example

Achieved Example

Merit Example

Harder Merit Example

Extension Example

Graphing the Equations

Checking Your Answers





Sine rule to find sides

Sine rule to find angles

Cosine rule to find sides

Cosine rule to find angles

Area of triangles

Part circles (Merit)

Worked Examples

Two-step problems

Problems starting without triangles

Problems with part circles (Merit)

Constant Perimeter problems (Excellence)

What goes wrong -- Troubleshooting common problems

Sequences and Series


Terms in Arithmetic (Addition) Sequences

Totals of Arithmetic Sequences

Terms in Geometric (Multiplication) Sequences

Totals of Geometric Sequences

Sums to Infinity


Normal Distributions


Changing mean and Standard Deviation

Straightforward Probabilities

Inverse Normal

Using Z Values (high Merit and Excellence)

Venn Diagrams

Some help with Venn Diagrams for those at Excellence level. Some of the notation is higher than you need but the concepts are still the same.


A bit more Theory

Worked Exercises



Expanding three brackets


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Adding Algebraic Fractions

Power Laws

Power Laws (high Merit)

Logs and Exponential Equations

Solving Simple Log Equations

Simplifying Simple Log Expressions

Solving Simple Exponential Equations

Complex Exponential Equations (Merit)


Using the Quadratic Formula (Merit)

Using the Discriminant (high Merit)

Word Problems

Word Problems in Context (Merit)

Parabolic Paths (Merit)

Calculus (Differentiation)

Introduction and Terminology

Introduction to Functions

Finding the Gradient at a Point

Finding the Points with a Given Gradient


Sketching Functions

Turning Points, Maxima, Minima (Merit)

Equations of Tangents (Merit)

Rates of Change

Using the Graphics Calculator in Calculus

Kinematics (high Merit)

Using the Graphics Calculator

Using "Solver" to solve equations