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Year 9


Algebra Notes

What you should be able to do in Year 9. Note that the Videos Page has most of this information in video form.

Note that Graphing and Patterns, which are sometimes included in Algebra, are on the Resources page.


Test 1     Test 2     Test 3

Extension 1     Extension 2     Extension 3

These quick tests are intended to allow students to see what they can and cannot do. Each is twenty questions on one and then a page of answers, with brief working. The Extension ones include quadratics, which are Year 10.


These worksheets mostly have no working. They are for practice once you are reasonably fluent.


Simplify 1     Simplify 2     Simplify 3
Multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting terms
Extension 1     Extension 2     Extension 3
More complex division, powers and brackets


Expand 1     Expand 2     Expand 3
Expanding one set of brackets
Extension 1     Extension 2     Extension 3
The second half of these are quadratics, which are Year 10


Factorise 1     Factorise 2     Factorise 3
One factor
Extension 1     Extension 2     Extension 3
Multiple factors and simple quadratics (x squared)


Solve 1     Solve 2     Solve 3
One step and simple two step
Merit 1     Merit 2     Merit 3
Multi-step linear problems

Writing (and then Solving) Equations

Equations 1     Equations 2     Equations 3
Excellence practice equations