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Year 9 Videos

The videos are intended mainly to help revise, but also to help catch up missed lessons.

The videos are not embedded, to speed up the page load speed and make it easier to navigate. Instead the links open a new page in YouTube (or similar).


Drawing lines

Equations of lines

Rise over Run (more difficult gradients)


Man vs Maths Videos

These videos break down basically all the skills required at Year 9, except the skill of writing equations at Excellence level:

Algebra Expressions (Achieved)

Adding and Subtracting (Achieved)

Like Terms (Achieved)

Multiplying (Achieved)

Dividing (Merit)

Expanding brackets (Achieved)

Simple Factorising (Achieved)

Complex Factorising (Merit)

Simplifying (Achieved and Merit)

Substitution (Achieved)

Solving One Step (Achieved)

Solving Two Step (Achieved and Merit)

Solving Three Step (Merit)

Layout of Solving (Merit)


For those that want their explanations a bit slower, these are for solving from US teachers:

Solving with plus and minus (Achieved)

Solving with times and divide (Achieved)

Two-step solving (Achieved)

Multi-step solving (Merit)


Videos from MathsMasterOrg, a YouTube channel with a lot of good stuff.

Angles around a point

Angles on a line

Vertically opposite angles

Angles in a triangle

Corresponding Angles

Alternate Angles

Cointerior Angles