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Year 9


Most homework will mostly be set via the Education Perfect system at www.educationperfect.com

Occasionally homework will be on paper, usually in the form of worksheets, or will be revision before a test.


In general the EdPerfect system offers strong reinforcement, with immediate feedback, and so is ideal for normal homework.

Most exercises will be set to be completed by the following Sunday, although ideally they should be done before that. They remain active for some time afterwards, so boys can catch up on missed exercises. If they have forgotten how to do a topic, they should review the accompanying help material.

The system has a log-in for parents who are interested in following their son's progress.

It is strongly recommended that parents record their son's password somewhere easy to find, as they are often lost.


For parents who want other or extra material, there are some relatively cheap books that give pages of homework exercises (along with quite useful notes and examples):

The Alpha Mathematics Workbook published by Pearson: www.pearsoned.co.nz

The Fast Track 1 from Eton Press is at a higher level, but covers the same basic material and is recommended for more able students: www.eton.co.nz

Revision and Support Material

The material on the Year 9 resources page of this site is generally to allow students to revise at the end of a topic or to catch up if they have missed some lessons. Most resources are paper worksheets, with worked answers, for the students to either do directly on the computer or print out.

The Year 9 on-line page gives links for students to get routine practice of fundamental skills from suitable websites.

Year Plan

This is a plan only, and times will change somewhat with circumstances.






Number (1)

no calculator

Whole numbers, negatives, decimals,integers
Bedmas, multiples, factors, primes
Powers, square roots
Simple fractions
6 weeks

Number (2) Fractions, percentages and applications 5 weeks
Two Measurement (1) Time, metric system, scales and rates 2 weeks
Measurement (2)

Perimeter and area of rectangles, parallelograms, and circles,
and shapes made up of parts of those
Volumes of prisms, especially cuboids and cylinders
3 weeks

Algebra (1)

Simplifying expressions
Solving linear equations
5 weeks


Algebra (2)

Patterns and relationships
3 weeks


Angles on lines, triangles and parallel lines
Symmetry and isosceles triangles
4 weeks


Experimental probability
Theoretical probability including tree diagrams
3 weeks



Means, medians, quartiles, ranges
Statistical graphs
Data collection and sampling
2 weeks

Exams (2 hours) Revision and exams 2 weeks
Statistics contd. Practical examples 1 week

Reflection, rotation and translation
Tesselation, 3D representations
2 weeks

Activity Week No classes 1 week


My preferred initial contact is via e-mail: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).

If you want to talk directly, then a telephone call back or a meeting at school can be arranged.