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If people spot errors in these pages I would appreciate any corrections: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).


NuLake EAS book   NuLake Conics book   NuLake Trig book

St John's students are given the relevant NuLake range of workbooks, which provide notes, worked exercises and practice. They should work through these as we do each skill.

The external topics are covered in one book: Externals Book.

The internal topics are covered in two smaller booklets: Conic Sections Booklet and Trigonometry Booklet.

(Students who are not also doing Year 13 Statistics may also be offered the Simultaneous Equations unit outside of class time, for which this is the necessary book.)

End of Year Revision

I suggest the booklets at ddresources as really useful practice papers. They have booklets for each of the three externals, each of five practice papers. St John's students will have copies in class, but we might not complete them.
I have old exams going back to 2002 if students bring a memory stick.

Year Plan

Times may change somewhat with circumstances.

Term Topic Internal/External Credits Time
One 3.5  Algebra of Complex Numbers External 5 Credits 7 weeks
3.3  Trigonometry Internal 4 Credits 3 weeks
Two 3.1  Conic Sections
Internal 3 Credits 4 weeks
3.6  Differentiation External 6 Credits 6 weeks
Three 3.7  Integration External 6 Credits 6 weeks
Trial Exams
2 weeks
Revision 2 weeks
Four Revision
2 weeks


My preferred initial contact is via e-mail: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).

If you want to talk directly, then a telephone call back or a meeting at school can be arranged.