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Calculus Videos


The main purpose is to allow students to catch up material they have missed – which is why there are often notes included in them for students to take down – or revise before an assessment.

This page does not have the videos embedded, to save on download time and make the page easier to navigate. Instead the links open a new page in YouTube (or similar).


Complex Numbers

De Moivre's Theorem

Exact Forms of Polar Representation


Writing Conics Equations





Solving Conics Problems

Writing equations suitable for solving

Solving using algebra in standard forms

Solving using algebra in parametric forms

Graph mode on graphics calculators

Conics mode on graphics calculators

Other Videos

The Maths OSC channel at YouTube has quite a few relevant videos on the skills required for this year.

Three Blue One Brown is very good for Scholarship students, or those who want to see the "why" of Calculus, not just the "how".