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Year 11

NCEA Level 1

To pass Level 1 NCEA a student requires 10 Numeracy Credits, which are most easily gained in Maths. A few standards outside Maths give numeracy as well.

There is no difference between the credits from Internal and External Standards, though not every unit offers the same number of credits.

To enter Tertiary study or to take Level 2 Maths at St John's requires 14 Maths (not Numeracy) Credits. This should be the minimum aim of any student.

However, entry into the External Year 12 course requires passing the Algebra standard and a strong showing in the other Externals. Physics also has minimum Maths requirements. In general students cannot go on to do academic Maths courses without strong Algebra, and Year 13 Calculus and Algebra require taking the External courses.

The policy of the Mathematics department at St John's is that students will not be given a resit for internal assessments.

It is important that students practice assessments in the format that they will be given, and not just practice isolated skills.


"The team at Studytime have put together some study resources to help you ace the MCAT and the rest of NCEA, which you can find at studytime.co.nz/store.

External walkthrough guides can also be viewed online for free through their website.

D & D Resources publish very useful practice exam books for the External units: www.ddresources.co.nz/

Nulake have booklets for each individual topic which are effectively textbooks with space for answers, which might be useful for some students. The EAS one is specifically for students doing all the external units.

There's some useful free material at mathscentre.co.nz.

Year Plan for Year 11 External Course

This is a plan only, and times will change somewhat with circumstances.

Term Topic Internal/External Credits Time
One 1.1  Number Internal 4 Credits 4 weeks
1.10  Geometric Reasoning Internal 3 Credits 5 weeks
Two 1.6  Elements of Chance External 4 Credits 3 weeks
Mid-Year Exams 1 week
1.3  Tables, Equations and Graphs External 4 Credits 5 weeks
Three 1.2  Algebra Internal 4 Credits 7 weeks
Algebra Trial Exam and Revision 1 week
Algebra MCAT and Trial Externals
1 week
1.12  Chance and Data External 4 Credits 1 week
Four 1.12  continued 2 weeks
Exam Revision
1 week


My preferred initial contact is via e-mail: mplant @ stjohns-hamilton.school.nz (no gaps).

If you want to talk directly, then a telephone call back or a meeting at school can be arranged.