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Year 11

Scope of the Topic for MCAT

There are a number of videos on the Video Page. They cover most of the topic, except for a few items at Excellence.

There is an expectation that students will be comfortable with linear and quadratic patterns and graphs as part of Algebra. The Externals Page has material on quadratics and the Internals Page as section on Linear Algebra.

Practice Algebra

Algebra 1     Algebra 2     Algebra 3

Algebra 4     Algebra 5     Algebra 6    

These are effectively practice exams, though a little bit shorter than a full hour and towards the tougher end. Updated in 2017 to reflect the newer style of question in the MCAT.

Old style 1     Old style 2     Old style 3

Old style 4     Old style 5     Old style 6    

These are mostly the same questions as the ones above, but written in the old style of question, which may suit overseas users.


The "Basic" sheets are far too easy for Year 11, but are left in for practice at the start of the topic. Year 11 students should be able to do the "Harder" ones by the end.


Basic 1     Basic 2     Basic 3

Multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting terms

Routine 1     Routine 2     Routine 3

More complex division, powers and brackets

Harder 1     Harder 2     Harder 3

Square roots and multiple brackets


Basic 1     Basic 2     Basic 3

Expanding one set of brackets

Routine 1     Routine 2     Routine 3

Expanding two brackets and quadratics

Harder 1     Harder 2     Harder 3

Expanding with complex terms and quadratics


Basic 1     Basic 2     Basic 3

One factor

Routine 1     Routine 2     Routine 3

Multiple factors and simple quadratics

Harder 1     Harder 2     Harder 3

Mixed types, including quadratics with negative roots


Basic 1     Basic 2     Basic 3

Multi-step linear problems

Routine 1     Routine 2     Routine 3

Inequations and quadratics

Harder 1     Harder 2     Harder 3

Fractions, harder quadratics etc

Writing (and Solving) Equations

Routine 1     Routine 2     Routine 3

Straight-forward, mostly linear, equations

Harder 1     Harder 2     Harder 3

Harder equations, including quadratics and simultaneous

Exponential Equations

All levels 1     All levels 2     All levels 3

Equations involving powers, from Achieved through to Excellence

Homework Sheets

The bulk of the skills part of the course, in the order I would usually teach it. The "a" sheets are alternative sheets if students can clearly do the main ones.

Homework 1      Homework 1 answers      Easy simplifying terms

Homework 2      Homework 2 answers      Easy simplifying terms

Homework 3      Homework 3 answers      Simplifying terms

Homework 4      Homework 4 answers      Simplifying terms

Homework 5      Homework 5 answers      Expanding

Homework 6      Homework 6 answers      Expanding

Homework 7      Homework 7 answers      Factorising

Homework 8      Homework 8 answers      Factorising

Homework 8a    Homework 8a answers     Harder Factorising

Homework 9      Homework 9 answers      Factorising

Homework 9a     Homework 9a answers     Harder Factorising

Homework 10      Homework 10 answers      Fractions

Homework 10a    Homework 10a answers     Mixed Simplifies

Homework 11      Homework 11 answers      Fractions

Homework 11a    Homework 11a answers     Mixed Simplifies

Homework 12      Homework 12 answers      Linear Solving

Homework 13      Homework 13 answers      Inequations

Homework 14      Homework 14 answers      Harder Linear Solving

Homework 15      Homework 15 answers      Quadratic Solving

Homework 16      Homework 16 answers      Mixed Solving

Homework 17      Homework 17 answers      Mixed Solving

Homework 18      Homework 18 answers      Simultaneous Equations

Homework 18a    Homework 18a answers     Harder Mixed Solving

Homework 19      Homework 19 answers      Word Problems

Homework 20      Homework 20 answers      Mixed Solving

Homework 21      Homework 21 answers      Word Problems