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Year 11

The videos are intended mainly to help revise, but also to help catch up missed lessons, so they all end in what can be used as notes.

The level is indicated for each part of the topic, but this can only ever be in general terms.

The videos are not embedded, to speed up the page load speed and make it easier to navigate. Instead the links open a new page in YouTube (or similar).


The bulk of the Algebra topic is covered below. Some are quite long.

Simplifying Basics (Achieved)

Simplifying Extras (Merit)

Expanding brackets (Achieved)

Simple Factorising (Achieved)

Quadratic Factorising (Achieved)

Solving Linear Equations (Achieved)

Solving Inequations (Low Merit)

Solving Quadratic Equations (Achieved up)

Rearranging Equations (Merit)

Simultaneous Equations (Excellence)


Most of Trigonometry and Pythagoras.

Labelling Triangles

Pythagoras (Achieved)

Using SOHCAHTOA relationships

Finding a Side (Achieved)

Finding an Angle (Achieved)

Practice #1 (Achieved)

Practice #2 (Achieved)

Multiple Step Problems (Merit)

Bearings (Merit and Excellence)

3D Situations (Merit and Excellence)


Composite volumes (Merit and Excellence)